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In the fast changing technology industry, it’s all about staying ahead of competitors. Continuous communication with internal and external constituencies is crucial to manage projects, keep abreast of market developments and remain in close contact with customers.

Technology companies worldwide rely on TalkPoint webcasts to create a competitive advantage. Product teams launch products to audiences of 10,000, CEOs communicate the merger to the global organization and financial officers present the quarterly results to analysts and stakeholders.

Reach out to your customers and prospects via webcasts to generate trust and good will and allow your experts to keep them updated on trends and product changes. You can invite the audience to interact with your company by providing feedback and opinions during webcasts on topics of their interest, and extend the value of your live webcast with TalkPoint’s easy-to-use editing studio. Cut and paste sections or add video to repurpose sections of meetings. Webcasts are automatically archived, providing a library that can be easily updated, rebroadcast live or offered on-demand.


Webcasting Uses for the Technology Industry:

  • Product Launches
  • Channel sales communications
  • IT Recruiting
  • Press conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Engineering training
  • Product demos and training
  • Investor Relations
  • Client loyalty and retention
  • Analyst meetings


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