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The push for readership, advertising dollars and new sources of revenue in the publishing industry has never been greater. This is why the largest and best-known publishing brands in the world rely on the TalkPoint enterprise webcasting platform to generate additional revenue streams.

With TalkPoint webinars and webcasts you can offer new sponsorship opportunities by connecting your advertisers with your readership, all through a cost-effective channel that goes beyond traditional print or banner campaigns. Your editors can moderate video-enabled panels of experts and sponsors from across the world while the audience responds to questions and downloads articles in their own language. 

Drive visitors to your website and expand value to sponsors by providing on-demand options of recorded events. Easily edit previous webcasts, and incorporate sections into new webcasts for even more revenue opportunities.


Webcasting Uses for Publishing:

  • Business information
  • Road shows
  • Instructional communications
  • Current events
  • Best practices
  • Advertorials


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