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Webcasting for Corporate Communications

Corporate communication professionals are “the voices” of a corporation, and webcasting is a powerful tool to get their messages across to internal and external audiences around the world. Executive communications, media announcements, international town hall events, customer education, human resources training, shareholder communications and crisis management can be delivered easily and securely with webcasting. Consistent and professional interaction through webcasting keeps media, clients, investors and employees well-informed.

TalkPoint’s self-service webcasting platform, Convey™, is a simple-to-use solution to deliver corporate communication professionals’ most vital messages to audiences wherever they are located. Since TalkPoint’s webcasts ensure the same delivery on every computer, tablet and smartphone, attendees will be able to view corporate communication webcasts, live or on-demand, even when they are out of the office.


Convey's Features for Corporate Communications:

  • Live or on-demand access from any computer or mobile device through a single URL
  • Branded registration landing pages, emails and webcast players
  • Customized registration options
  • Integrated, moderated Q&A within the webcast player
  • Player tabs for speaker bios, agendas, social media, etc.
  • Presentation deck and document downloads for key takeaways
  • Share pre-recorded video clips directly within the webcast player
  • Security options including password protection and referral checking
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports exportable to Excel

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